Saturday, August 13, 2011

A note on our format for the time being

This is totally going to make me feel like a diva, but it's happened again. We're having a hard time coming up with the motivation to post. It's not the losing (well, it might be the losing), and it's certainly not the comments, or the readership - you all have been great.

Lately, Real Life has crowded in on the freedom to post as much as we would like, and to be honest, it has felt like a weight has been lifted off our collective shoulders. Obviously, this isn't exactly what we were hoping for. We were hoping that the inability to post updates, snide comments, and analysis would really bother us, and drive us to do better. But it's been freeing.

Life is moving at a fairly rapid clip, new opportunities (not with blogging - those opportunities rarely come up) have arisen. This isn't a farewell post - we will continue to be active on Twitter, including the County Clerk's nuggets, Men of the Match from Eddie's Farm, etc. So by all means, follow Astros County on Twitter and get most of the same information. It's just time for a little break.

Tweet you soon.