Tuesday, August 16, 2011

/clinks glass with spoon

Okay. After talking with your county leadership team, the following has been decided:

*Astros County is taking applications for the following positions:
-County Clerk
-Juvenile Court Clerk (Eddie's Farm)

The Wife has noticed that I've been fairly downtrodden lately, and made the valid point that Astros County has been around for .375 of our marriage. "I didn't let you do this for almost three years for you to arbitrarily shut it down for no good reason," she said.

So, Astros County will continue to exist, with some new leadership. The County Clerk and Juvenile Court Clerk have resigned their positions. If you are interested in the above positions, send an email to astroscounty (at) gmail.com with an example - using last night's loss to the Cubs as a reference point. Astros County will continue once these positions have been filled. In the meantime, regular posting will begin again, probably tomorrow.

Thank you for your attention.