Friday, August 12, 2011

More "Jim Crane will be MLB's plaything"

Jayson Stark's new Rumblings & Grumblings column talks more about how Jim Crane has no leverage if MLB wants to move the Astros to the American League. Bad news alert: It may not happen before Carlos Lee's contract expires.

Well, there's an owners' meeting next week, in which Jim Crane is scheduled to be approved as the next owner of the Astros.

Crane is a pivotal figure in this drama. Pivotal.

That's because the other 29 current owners have the right to veto any move of any kind -- to another league, to another division, to any place they don't feel like moving.

But Crane doesn't have that right, just because he's the new guy. We keep hearing that he's told Selig behind the scenes that he really doesn't want the Astros to leave the NL Central. But face it. He doesn't have much leverage here.

If realignment ever happens, you can bet the Astros will be moving -- somewhere. But where?

You'll have to click the link to find out where...
We also find that a potential target for the PTBNL to complete the Pence trade, Single-A outfielder Leandro Castro, is hurt. The Astros have "two-and-a-half weeks" to make their selection, and if Castro is still hurt, they may want to expand their list, which may piss off the Phillies.