Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How badly do you want Carlos Lee gone?

Jayson Stark has an Indecent Proposal for you. Let's set the stage:

You hate Carlos Lee. I mean, he makes you so freaking angry that you can't stand it. You would kiss Ed Wade's beanbag if it meant moving Carlos Lee somewhere else.

But would you take Carlos Zambrano in return? That's what Stark says could happen, as the Cubs probably won't just release him - they'll want something in return (think Carlos Silva-for-Milton Bradley).

Amazingly, and this proves that Wade isn't the worst GM in baseball, Zambrano is more expensive than Carlos Lee in 2012.

If this happens - and it's doubtful that it would (remember, Jim Crane wants to pay the players $2.13/hour + tips in 2012) - I vote for routine public humiliation of Zambrano every 5th day.

Later on, Stark checks in on the Pence PTBNL: Domingo Santana:

"This guy has a chance to be Vlad Guerrero," one scout said. "He's still crude right now. But he has the highest ceiling imaginable. You put him in there with the other guys they got, and this has a chance to be like the [Bartolo] Colon deal was for Cleveland." To refresh your memory, the Indians got back Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee and Brandon Phillips -- whoever they are -- when they shipped Colon to Montreal in 2002.



Juvenile Court Clerk said...

I would absolutely do this deal. If baseball-reference is correct, it saves us $500k and it frees up 1st to give Wallace another shot at being Lyle Overbay without clogging up the outfield. Z is still young enough to regain his form, too.

Anonymous said...

...actually? Actually... I would do that deal - Carlos-for-Carlos. Especially if the Astros ship out Wandy & Myers between now and next April. I friggin' hate Big Z, but one year of Zambrano won't significantly block anyone the Astros have in the minors right now. If Carlos Lee is still here next year, then you've got to push either J.D. Martinez or Brett Wallace down to AAA. I'd rather have both of them, and Zambrano, in Houston, with Carlos Lee gone.

Blazemule said...

I agree with the Clerk, I would definitely do the deal, because Crazy guy actually could turn a good season and we could trade him, I think Carlos Lee trade value is crap even if he hits 47 homers next season.

John M. said...

If you're going to make that deal, you might as well just buy El Fatso out. I wouldn't want Zambrano in a young clubhouse any more than I want Lee blocking young players from getting ABs at the major league level.

Reuben said...

So I take it under this make-believe scenario the Cubs would make Lee their 1B, since they have Soriano signed through the year 2043 "playing" LF? Sorry, I don't see it happening. For either team.

Anonymous said...

One non-Zambrano question sparked by Stark's article: he says that Lee "loses his no-trade protection this winter." How? His 10/5 rights kick in after this season.

Juvenile Court Clerk said...

If I recall, there may be a narrow window this off-season between the expiration of the no-trade and the date Lee gains the 10-5 rights.

Blazemule said...

How I wish we had contracts similar to the NFL, with bonus money being the only guaranteed, I believe.

Hal said...

Tim Dierkes of MLBTradeRumors suggested Zambrano & $12.5 million for Brandon Lyon.