Monday, August 22, 2011

Friedman "wouldn't jump" at the chance to be in Houston

Here's an interesting story from ChicagoNow in which they spend some time discussing the candidates to be the new GM of the Cubs. Of course, Andrew Friedman is up for discussion, and we all kind of thought Friedman was destined for Houston. Maybe not:

Friedman, for his part, had no comment when asked about the Cubs job but interestingly enough, he said he "wouldn't jump at the chance to be the Astros GM". The fact that he was disinclined to take one job and in the next breath had no comment about the other makes you wonder a bit. He had the opportunity to deny interest in the Cubs, but chose not to do so.

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Juvenile Court Clerk said...

Interesting. In the Cubs, he gets what he's never had...a decent payroll to work with, but you start out saddled with a couple big mistake contracts.

With the Astros, he gets to put his stamp on a team that's rebuilding, but very little payroll to work with, if what we hear about Crane is right.