Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eddie's Farm: August 2

Oklahoma City (48-63)

Whooooa. Nelson Figueroa did what Nelson Figueroa does, and the RedHawks get swept at home to Omaha (somewhere in middle America), 13-2. A pair of RedHawks pitchers allowed 5ER - Figueroa, in 3.2IP, and Ross Wolf, in 1.2IP. Xavier Cedeno got two outs, allowing a hit, three walks, and 2ER, as well as two of Wolf's earned runs. Juan Abreu made his organizational debut, giving up 4H/1ER, 1K:1BB in 2IP. Fernando Abad threw the only scoreless outing.

Collin DeLome hit his 6th homer of the season, OKC's only extra-base hit; Shuck, Hernandez, Goebbert (in his AAA debut), Locke, and Navarro had your other hits. Koby Clemens drew the only walk.

Man of the Match: Collin DeLome.

Corpus (42-66)

Debuts! One rough inning - the 8th - sunk the Hooks, who lost 4-0 to San Antonio. Jarred Cosart made his organizational debut, throwing 6IP, 2H/0ER, 4K:0BB (47 of 73 pitches for strikes, 10 groundouts and three flyouts.). Josh Zeid threw 1.2IP, gave up 4H/4ER, 2K:0BB; two of those ERs came courtesy of Jason Stoffel, who ended up getting the last San Antonio out.

Jimmy Van Ostrand went 3x4, and Jonathan Villar, Brandon Barnes, Kody Hinze, and Brandon Wikoff had your other hits. There were no extra-base hits, and Chris Wallace had a rough one - going 0x4 with 3Ks.

Man of the Match: Jarrod Cosart

Lancaster (41-67)

Son of a gun. Amazingly, Lancaster actually had a lead in this one - however brief (1-0). Bakersfield had a 17-3 lead at the end of the fifth on their way to a 20-7 win over the JetHawks. Lots of pitchers in this one - seven, in fact. Zach Grimmett took the loss, with 5ER in 1.2IP; Colton Pitkin gave up 4ER, Wander Alvino have up 2ER, Shane Wolf gave up 6ER in 2.1IP. Kyle Greenwalt and Pat Urckfitz threw the only scoreless IPs, and 2B Andy Simunic threw the 8th inning, allowing 3H/3ER, 0K:2BB.

Austin Wates was 3x5 with a two-run homer; Andy Simunic (2B, BB), Jonathan Singleton (1st organizational HR, RBI), and Jonathan Meyer (HR, RBI, BB) had two hits each. David Flores was 1x4 with a two-run homer and a walk.

Man of the Match: Austin Wates

Lexington (49-59)

Kannapolis got the game-winner in the 8th off of Murilo Gouvea, for a 3-2 win. Luis Cruz threw 7IP, 5H/2ER, 9K:1BB with both runs coming on solo homers. Gouvea allowed 4H/1ER, 1K:1BB in 2IP.

Ben Heath was 1x3 with a double and a walk, Tyler Burnett and Ben Orloff added doubles, as well.

Man of the Match: Luis Cruz

Tri-City (17-27)

Dah. Tri-City took a 9-6 lead with a six-run 8th inning, but gave up six runs to Jamestown in the bottom half of the inning, losing 12-9. Euris Quezada threw 4.1IP, 7H/6ER, 2K:4BB, Garrett Bullock and Kristian Bueno threw scoreless outings; Mitchell Lambson failed to record an out, allowing 4H/4ER, two of them courtesy of Ryan Cole, who allowed two more unearned runs on three hits.

Justin Gominsky, Zach Johnson (2B, RBI), Drew Muren (RBI), Rafael Valenzuela (RBI), and Ryan McCurdy (2B, 2RBI) had two hits each. Neiko Johnson was 1x1 with 2RBI, 2SB, and two sacrifices.

Man of the Match: Neiko Johnson

Greeneville (16-25)


GCL Astros (11-25)