Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Saturday Post

So now we let this rest for a little while, and turn our attention to Michael Bourn, et al.

Rosenthal, 7:06am
There is "very little momentum" about a deal for Bourn, but anything can happen on deadline day.

Rosenthal, 7:04am:
Braves, Nationals, Indians, Giants have all called the Astros about Bourn.

Saturday, July 30

Dejan Kovacevic, 4:59pm:
"More interested suitors" in Willingham are the Braves and Red Sox

Rosenthal, 4:18pm:
Rosenthal quotes a rival executive who says that the Braves now have six Untouchables, making it harder to get a deal done for Bourn.

Knobler, 3:44pm:
If the Astros don't like the package they are offered, they'll hold on to Bourn until winter.

Ken Davidoff, 3:11pm:
Braves are confident they'll get an outfielder

Olney, 3:01pm:
Atlanta "working hard" on a deal for Bourn

O'Brien, 2:58pm:
Braves trading for Bourn means that Jordan Schafer is probably out of Atlanta's plans.

Rosenthal, 2:53pm:
Braves getting more involved on Bourn

Jerry Crasnick, 2:28pm:
Talks to move Bourn are "picking up steam," and he expects Bourn to move by the deadline.

Olney, 1:58pm:
You may be able to cross the Indians off the Bourn list, as Olney says there's a good chance they work something out for Ludwick.

Mark Bowman, 1:50pm:
Braves have talked to Houston about Bourn, but talks have not passed "preliminary stage."

Stark, 1:49pm:
Lots here, as usual. Braves are pissed, but not compelled to trade for anyone. Bourn, Wandy, Myers, and Michaels are on the block; Yankees more interested in Kuroda than Wandy. "Good luck" getting Lee to waive his no-trade clause.

Bill Ladson, 1:04pm:
The Astros want ML-ready prospects for Michael Bourn, but Washington can't decide if they want to do it.

Rosenthal, 11:31am:
Braves not yet in on Bourn, as they "got in late" on Pence (?). Reds, Nationals, Indians are talking.

Olney, 9:16am:
The Astros might hold on to Bourn. Team official: "You still have to try to win games."

Friday, July 29
Rosenthal, 11:30pm.
Braves are in on Bourn and B.J. Upton

Morosi & Rosenthal, about 11:20pm:
The Nationals, Braves, Indians and Reds are among the clubs with varying levels of interest in Bourn, major-league sources say.

Jerry Crasnick, 10:26pm:
I didn't think Michael Bourn was on #Braves radar, but apparently he is now. Ryan Ludwick more down the list of options.

About 8:20, while everything was starting to go down with Pence...

Shortly after, Olney:
Rival executive: Reds focused on Michael Bourn, who would answer their desire to add a lead-off hitter for 2011 and beyond.

#astros price tag on bourn to #reds said wildly high.