Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Train-wreck Astros getting some national attention

So FoxSports' Jon Paul Morosi and Smilin' Ken Rosenthal took some time to notice the Astros, and how things are falling apart:

Frank McCourt isn't satisfied with screwing up his own franchise, as his hijinks are impacting MLB's approval of the sale of the Astros to Crane:
Numerous baseball sources, though, say that a decision is not yet near — in part because of complications arising from baseball’s ongoing dispute with Dodgers owner Frank McCourt.

The report goes on to say that the owners' vote - which could be taken by mail - might not even happen until mid-August.

Word from the story says that the three current untouchables - according to Sources - are Pence, Norris, and Lyles.

What about Ed Wade's future?
Most in baseball expect Crane to fire Wade, but a change in GMs is not likely to happen immediately, sources say. Instead, Crane will take time — perhaps as long as the rest of the season — evaluating Wade and the rest of the organization, then conduct a full-blown search for a new GM.



Warren said...

No rush for Crane on the approval of sale . He is calling the shots now already regardless of what is said publicly. At this point in time any moves made with this team are on Crane so he better not screw it up. I do not believe any team would offer enough to justify trading Pence. Probably would not get much for Rodriguez or Bourne either.

Anonymous said...

I have 1 thought,get Andrew Freidman over asap,I hear people say what a great situation he has in Tampa but come on your you would get credited with bringing back your hometown team to prominence,pay him more than Tampa is and get outa his way

Seth said...

Exactly. Get Friedman here.

Here's Friedman's Pros:

*He loves working with his current owner.
*The Rays are competitive and have a stacked farm that he built.

*No Fans
*Tiny payroll
*AL East... Yanks and Red Sox never going away

Pros and Cons of coming to the Astros:

*Winnable division
*Added payroll
*People will come to the game

*Astros suck at the majors and minors

Seems like an easy decision to me.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention Friedmann isn't even under contract for Tampa Bay. He is working without a contract, plus working in Houston would allow him to be productively risky, instead of having such small room for error.