Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Rumor Post

Here's your perpetual post for Sunday afternoon - the deadline is at 3pm Central.

Morosi, 2:57pm:
Yankees aren't in on any big-name pitchers now.

Rosenthal, 2:48pm:
Wandy staying, "For now."

Stark, 2:45pm:
Astros are telling teams they're done for today.

Morosi, 2:37pm:
Wandy "likely" staying with Astros

Morosi, 2:28pm:
Nothing close on Wandy in the last ten minutes

Gregor Chisholm, 2:14pm:
Don't read too much into Wandy-to-Toronto, for now.

Rosenthal, 2:13pm:
Astros not confident they can move Wandy by deadline. August trade possible.

Knobler, 2:01pm:
Confirms Blue Jays called about Wandy, doesn't know level of interest

Stark, 1:58pm:
If Wandy goes anywhere, it'll be Blue Jays, according to Stark - but nothing close, "for now."

Justice, 1:53pm:
Wandy-to-Cleveland has "cooled," with other offers "percolating"

Sherman, 1:52pm:
Wade wanted the Yankees to send good prospects, and not take any cash for Wandy.

Stark, 1:51pm:
Wandy to Yankees "officially dead."

Morosi, 1:50pm:
Wandy to Blue Jays "makes sense."

Gammons, 1:49pm:
Last 75 minutes produce "major rush" for Wandy

Morosi, 1:48pm:
Blue Jays have entered "bidding war" for Wandy.

Olney, 1:47pm
As of 1:35, Yankees weren't in deep talks on anyone.

Justice, 1:46pm"
Justice hears the Astros are close to dealing Wandy to the Indians for two minor-leaguers.

Heyman, 1:44pm
Astros don't want to pay any of Wandy's remaining contract. Heyman "can't see him going anywhere now."

Heyman, 1:02pm:
Wandy's remaining salary means that he should pass through waivers, so there's no rush to get a deal done today.

Morosi, 12:56pm:
Yankees are in on Wandy. Reds, Red Sox, Rangers are not.

Morosi, 12:29pm:
Rangers are not in on Wandy

McTaggart, 12:28pm:
Thinks a deal could get done with Yankees for Wandy

Heyman, 12:03pm:
Yankees want Astros to pay a "significant" chunk of Wandy's salary

Heyman, 11:53am:
Astros shouldn't have signed Wandy to the extension (derp)

Heyman, 11:23am:
The Yankees aren't necessarily fans of Wandy or his contract, but "need to do something."

Rosenthal, 11:20am
Yankees "trying" on Wandy

Rosenthal, 10:25am:
Astros want "impact prospects" for Wandy, but know they need to pay a lot of his salary for that to happen