Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sifting through some tweets

There are a couple of tweets to take note of from the last few minutes. Let's take them in order:

Jon Paul Morosi about the Astros (in response to a question):
Sure, I could see Hunter Pence as a fit for the #RedSox. But Astros are more likely to trade Bourn.

And then a few minutes later:
#Braves are looking for offensive upgrade and would prefer that it be RH. They have worst OPS in #MLB against LH pitching.

I can totally understand trading Bourn. He's now a Boras guy, and Boras' clients don't exactly re-up with a team, especially a team not in the Northeast. Jason Bourgeois, should he ever get 100% again, could take over duties in CF if Bourn gets traded.

But the note about the Braves is interesting, because of course Pence is right-handed. And he has hit lefties to the tune of .287/.344/.448. The Braves are, as a team, hitting lefties at a .208/.279/.333. So obviously Pence would be an upgrade over Nate McLouth (and the sophomore-slumping Jason Heyward). Would Wade trade both Bourn and Pence? Would you?


Anonymous said...

yes i would

AstroBrit said...

Wade is still worried about fielding a AAAA team at MMP, even if the current crop is getting AAAA results.

Bourn, yeah, in fans eyes he could be replaced. Pence though? We'd have to wait until Springer to have a comparable bat in the lineup.

Joel said...

May I suggest my viewpoint on Pence? And yes, I'd deal Bourn in the right deal.


Andrew said...

Not a chance I trade Pence. Once Carlos leaves, Pence will be the only established ML hitter on this team. I realize that he is not a #3 or #4 hitter on most ML teams but on this team he is.

It may be attractive to trade him for some much needed prospects, but there is nothing guaranteed with prospects. How have Pittsburgh and Kansas City fared by trading away their established hitters for prospects? They have been stuck in last place watching prospect after prospect fail.

Until Brett Wallace starts to show some power or JD Martinez establishes himself as a legitimate power threat in the ML's I am extremely leery of trading away our only young power bat.