Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sifting through some tweets

There are a couple of tweets to take note of from the last few minutes. Let's take them in order:

Jon Paul Morosi about the Astros (in response to a question):
Sure, I could see Hunter Pence as a fit for the #RedSox. But Astros are more likely to trade Bourn.

And then a few minutes later:
#Braves are looking for offensive upgrade and would prefer that it be RH. They have worst OPS in #MLB against LH pitching.

I can totally understand trading Bourn. He's now a Boras guy, and Boras' clients don't exactly re-up with a team, especially a team not in the Northeast. Jason Bourgeois, should he ever get 100% again, could take over duties in CF if Bourn gets traded.

But the note about the Braves is interesting, because of course Pence is right-handed. And he has hit lefties to the tune of .287/.344/.448. The Braves are, as a team, hitting lefties at a .208/.279/.333. So obviously Pence would be an upgrade over Nate McLouth (and the sophomore-slumping Jason Heyward). Would Wade trade both Bourn and Pence? Would you?