Friday, July 22, 2011

Random exec thinks Pence will stay in Houston until the off-season

Jayson Stark's new Rumblings & Grumblings column spends a good amount of time talking about Hunter Pence.

One Official said Pence was a "right-handed Johnny Damon," and also compared his swing to Charles Barkley, which makes not one damn bit of sense to me (feel free to comment and clear this up).

Another Exec:
"I'd be surprised if he gets traded now. I think doing it in the offseason is much more sensible."

"Sensible" is a stupid word. He's got two arbitration years left regardless of what happens, and he's probably got $3 million left on his deal this season. So if $3 million keeps a GM away from making this happen, someone is acting a fool.

Also, the "job-saving deal" that Ed Wade is looking for, according to Stark, is unlikely. But a lot can change in the next ten days.