Saturday, July 16, 2011

Progress being made with Springer

It's something you've probably already seen, but the Astros have exchanged contract proposals with 1st Round pick George Springer.

Bobby Heck:
"The pace I would say is more of a walk-stroll than it is a jog or a run right now. With a month left, hopefully George seizes the opportunity and sees getting started this summer can be beneficial for him and that we've shown a track record of moving players, especially of his caliber."

It's entirely possible that the Astros would give Springer the DeShields Treatment: a couple of weeks in Greeneville/Tri-City (probably Tri-City), and then the next full season in Lexington.

On 3rd Round pick Jack Armstrong, who continues to pitch in the Cape Cod League:
"This is something we knew we were taking into consideration, that he would probably pitch the whole summer up there to try to reestablish the value he had prior to this spring. We'll continue to go up there and watch him pitch."

Also, the Astros have signed 34th Round pick Dustin Kellogg, with the Astros keeping tabs on two high school picks, who they say they will get aggressive with. Names weren't named, but I'm guessing that it's Gandy Stubblefield (14th Round) and Billy Flamion (25th Round).