Friday, July 29, 2011

Perpetual Rumor Post

While it's fun to look back at the end of the year and say, "Hey! We had 8,341 different posts during the last week of July!" That's hell on you. So here's a running list of Pence rumors for your Friday. (Now updated to include all rumors):

McTaggart, 6:57pm:
In a response to Twitter outrage, McTaggart clarifies that "some teams" have been told he's not available. Not all.

Olney, 6:42pm:
Braves still trying to get creative on a deal for Pence.

Rosenthal, 6:40pm:
Astros, Phillies "progressing" toward a deal for Pence.

McTaggart, 6:37pm:
The Astros are telling teams that Clint Barmes is not available.

Rosenthal, 6:25pm:
Braves want an athletic corner outfielder they can control beyond this year. So that leaves...uh...

Rosenthal, 6:24pm:
The Phillies are going to have to choose between Pence and a reliever.

Stark, 6:12pm:
Stark references multiple sources that any deal with the Phillies will be a two-team trade.

Heyman, 5:55pm:
Pence is rumored to be moving "now," Phillies are faves, Reds, Red Sox, Indians still in.

Mark Sheldon, 4:17pm:
The Reds aren't selling, according to GM Walt Jocketty.

Olney, 4:15pm:
The Phillies "have no intention" of making Domonic Brown available in a trade for Pence. Olney makes a specific note of the time, with "as of..."

Phil Rogers, 3:39pm:
And here, out of nowhere, is Rogers saying how scouts have been talking about how hard Carlos Lee has been playing, and "is he looking to be an Indian or a Pirate?"

McTaggart, 3:36pm
A few things here. A deal with the Phillies would likely only involve the Astros. The Braves are still "in the mix" with a handful of unidentified teams. Bourn and Wandy are also drawing "heavy interest." Myers is getting some trade rumor love.

In the Phils House, 3:35pm:
Charlie Manuel just said that Dom Brown may be more relaxed in Triple-A. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Knobler, 3:24pm:
Braves CF Nate McLouth has just been put on the DL with a strained oblique. Interesting...

David O'Brien, 3:01pm:
The Braves may be out on Bourn because it would mean they're giving up on Jordan Schafer in CF. There will be more holes to fill this off-season, and they might just go with Quentin because he's cheaper, and will be a free agent sooner.

Zach Levine, 2:58pm:
Pence is in the Astros lineup, hitting 4th. (For now.)

Jeff Passan, 2:55pm:
The Tigers are shopping LHP Andy Oliver (4.64 ERA/1.47 WHIP) on multiple trade fronts.

Olney, 2:53pm:
Reds want players that will help, not just in 2011, but in 2012-13. (That's Bourn, and Pence).

Knobler, 2:46pm:
Braves looking at Ludwick, "holding tight" on their top pitching prospects

Heyman, 2:27pm:
Reds are "going hard" after Bourn.

Jim Bowden, 2:17pm:
Travis Wood has been scratched from his start at Triple-A Louisville tonight.

Matt Gelb, 2:16pm:
Domonic Brown is still in Philly, and batting 2nd tonight.

Heyman, 1:47pm:
Pence is the Phillies' guy. If it takes until Sunday, it takes until Sunday. No "early deadline."

Danny Knobler, 1:41pm:
Phillies are "focused" on Pence - and may not need a third team.

Mark Berman, 1:35pm:
Seven teams in on Pence, not just six - as reported yesterday. A new, unidentified, team showed up today.

Olney, 1:23pm:
We told you! Rival execs think Pence could command $23-25m before his arbitration years are up.

Heyman, 1:17pm:
If the Astros don't want Brown, other teams will. Philly will "figure it out," as they're - and this is creepy - "hot for Hunter."

McTaggart, 1:04pm:
McTaggart confirms Heyman's report that Pence was removed from the lineup, then put back in.

Rosenthal, 12:47pm:
What's taking so long? Astros are also trying to move Bourn, Wandy, Myers.

Sherman, 12:45pm:
Sherman is very clear about his speculation, but the Phillies had a scout at Double-A Trenton yesterday. Wonders if RHP Dellin Betances might be involved somehow.

Sherman, 12:30pm:
Contradiction alert! Now Wade likes Atlanta's prospects more than Philly! Philly also willing to go the three-team route.

Rosenthal, 12:30pm:
Confirms Stark's report about involving a third team in the Pence deal to get prospects the Astros want.

Heyman, 12:23:
Philly will do "whatever it takes" to land Pence.

Jayson Stark, 12:15pm:
Lots here to unpack. Braves offered package they weren't willing to offer for Beltran, got shut down, and have apparently moved on. Astros would spin Dom Brown for more prospects, and so work continues on a three-team deal.

Heyman, 11:39am:
"Word is," Astros don't like the Phillies prospects. (Posturing alert!) "This is becoming a real soap opera."

Rosenthal, 11:32am:
Wade is still trying to drag other teams into the Pence sweepstakes, besides the Phillies.

Bryan Hoch, 11:06am:
The Astros have lowered their asking price on Wandy, and the Yankees have "limited interest" in Brett Myers.

Joel Sherman, 10:47am:
Ed Wade likes Atlanta's deal better than the Phillies, but Atlanta won't include a "key guy," believed to be Mike Minor.

Buster Olney, 10:43am:
Atlanta has "zero enthusiasm" about giving up any of Minor, Vizcaino, Delgado, or Teheran.

Daniel Gotera (via H5AB), 10:40am:
Yankees have made multiple inquiries about Wandy.

FanGraphs, 10:30am:
The package being offered for Pence is too good to pass up - with Marc Hulet calling the deal "similar" to what the Blue Jays got for Halladay.

Jon Heyman, 10:22am:
Pence was told prior to last night's game he'd been traded. But, uh, wasn't. Heyman questions whether the Apparatus actually wants to trade him.

AJC's Jeff Schultz, 10:13am:
Braves catcher David Ross says they need a right-handed bat. Larry Wayne agrees that the Braves should do something.

Tom Singer, 10:00am:
Add the Tigers to the list of teams interested in Pence.

Justice, 9:52am:
If Wade does well over the next 60 hours, Justice is told he could save his job.

Jim Salisbury, 9:47am:
July 29 is the day Ruben Amaro tends to work his magic.

Rosenthal, 9:34am:
The Reds are in on Bourn, as well as Pence, but Pence is the Phillies' to lose.

Heyman, 8:42am:
If the Phillies sub in Dom Brown for Jonathan Singleton, the Astros might take it.

Heyman, 8:10am:
Asking price for Pence remains unreasonable.

Olney, 5:11am:
Huge bidding war going on for Pence.

Jon Paul Morosi, 4:11am:
Morosi thinks the Reds should acquire Michael Bourn.