Friday, July 29, 2011

Jon Heyman enjoyed himself very much tonight

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman seemed to enjoy himself very much this evening, as he pulled a James Joyce-ian stream of consciousness tweet-binge. Let's look in, huh?

#astros sold high on pence. yet still didnt get very much

More hilarity, from Heyman:
SAT answer: astros are to phillies what kansas city a's used to be to yankees.

A Re-tweet:
Ed wade has been such a better GM for us since he went to Houston.

On future deals:
Wade: “We’re going to be open-minded on all fronts.'' translation: we'll pay dearly for someone to take wandy off our hands


Anonymous said...

Heyman is an idiot. He'd be bashing the astros even if they'd gotten Halladay & Dom Brown.

That said I'm still a little nervous about the risks with Singleton & Cosart.

Hal said...

Anoymous is right on both counts.

Heyman said Pence wasn't going anywhere.

Astros County said...

Circumstances change, so Heyman being "wrong" doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the apparent glee Heyman took in the deal, and the back-handed comments about the Astros.

It's one thing for a blogger to do that (though, to be fair, we don't do that). So much for a higher standard.