Friday, July 29, 2011

How this went down

Let's try to piece together just what happened tonight:

Rosenthal, about 7:30pm:
Pence talks are to point where another team will need to trump #Phillies with superior package. #Braves still trying.

Rosenthal, about 8:30pm:
Sources: #Phillies close to acquiring #Astros' Pence. Deal expected to be completed tonight.

Olney, a little after:
Astros right to finish the Pence deal now; his trade value will never be higher than right now,because he's in line to make $25m in '12, '13

Heyman, as Pence found out:
theyre hugging pence in astros dugout now. reception will be even bigger in philly. (They're going to hump his leg?)

Heyman, ever the East guy:
they're just finishing up the paperwork on pence deal. good job by #phillies. charlie manuel can smile.

Rosenthal, 9:58pm:
Source: #Astros wanted two of #Braves' top four pitching prospects, plus another young pitcher Braves regarded highly.

Stark, 10:04pm:
#Astros will choose player to be named later from list of players in low A ball, sources say. PNL won't be a top prospect.

Jon Paul Morosi, 10:46pm:
Wade said he didn’t know #Phillies were the best match for Pence until “about 10 minutes before we finalized the deal.”