Friday, July 29, 2011

Hunter Pence traded to Philadelphia

So, it finally happened. While I was at dinner. Of course, during my shift. I went to eat dinner with The Wife once the game had started thinking, "Well! Nothing's going to happen during the game." And then it happened.

The Astros have traded Hunter Pence to the Phillies for RHP Jarred Cosart, 1B/OF Johnathan Singleton, P Josh Zeid, and a player to be named later. Apparently the Astros are also paying the Phillies $1m to keep them under the luxury tax threshold. We'll have more on Cosart/Singleton/Zeid later.

Before you get all pissed off about sending money to the Phillies: Shut up. It's not like Jim Crane is going to come around and ask you to throw in, like it's church. It's not your money - what do you care?

Still, I'm upset. We're all upset. It's appropriate to feel the way Sean Pendergast feels, wondering what's happened to the Astros:
How bad are the Astros? They traded their best player who's 28 & still 2 full seasons from free agency..and it's the unquestioned right move.

That's okay. It's a sad day. Likely you think of Hunter Pence as the Last True Astro. A throwback to hope. That would be a largely false emotion - one that's more telling about the Astros than it is about Pence. The Astros were 331-379 in Pence's 2007 starts, and from 2008-yesterday. And they flipped him for Philly's two top prospects. It's sad. But it was necessary.


AGirlintheSouth said...

Agreed. On all fronts. It's sad, but necessary. Let's just hope the prospects pan out now. And can the timing be any worse? Can't help but wonder how Hunter leaving the dugout affected the game. Things were solid right up until that moment.

Anonymous said...

Not so.

If you can't get what you want now, you'll even broaden the field to wait and trade him in the off-season.

You're getting their two best prospects, yes. You're also getting two single-A players. You do realize that the likelihood is, one of them makes the Stros roster someday, one of them doesn't... and what's more, the one who makes the roster, is not likely to ever appear in an All-Star Game.

Boys, it'd be different if we didn't play in NL Freakin Central. But look at almost any given year's standings, and it's the same... if we were merely a FIVE-HUNDRED team right now, we'd be in the thick of the race...

So, please. Don't talk to me about how long it will be before we can contend in this division.

Truthfully? If Drayton wasn't selling the team, and if we'd had the budget to go get a run producer this off-season, we'd be in that chase right now.

Kathy Amen said...

Leaving in the middle of the game was just weird. Does that often happen? My husband brought up the idea of avoiding an injury when he's not your "property" any more. Is that why?

Warren said...

Do not care how they are rated Wade got fleeced again.A280 hitter at A ball and 2 pitchers that have shown nothing in the minors. As bad as our minor system is we have player this quality in the minors already. Wade is buildin a pretty good team for the Phillies. Crane by approving this has shown he knows nothing about baseball.

JDubbs said...

everyone with their main crush over pence needs to get over it. Ok Pence was fun to watch I get it, well how fun was it when seattle lost 17 straight games yet were still 10 games above the astros.. Notice the standings lately?? Astros dead last in MLB, and thats with the almighty Hunter Pence. For a farm system ranked so bad, and a major league team so horrible, how could you argue trading your best asset to start to pave the road to good times? And to add to it, they even called up J.D. Martinez... LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL