Friday, July 29, 2011

Baseball America on the Astros' haul

Here's Baseball America's rundown of the three players acquired by Houston.

Singleton has a pure stroke with strength in his swing and isn't afraid to go deep in counts to go with above-average raw power. He's more of a hitter than masher at this stage, and will have to identify spin to improve at higher levels, especially against lefthanded pitchers (.189/.339/.232, 0 homers).

He has good life on his fastball but needs to improve his fastball command. His curveball is a true power hammer that can be a plus pitch when he commands it, and he has improved his changeup to the point where some scouts consider it superior to his curve.

And even Baseball America has to do some background work on Zeid.

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Warren said...

Net result. Singleton a mediocre hitter thus far who can't hit lefthanded pitching. weak defensively. Zeid average prospect getting beat up at AA and already demoted to relief. Cosart is a project drafted in the 38th round. May have "good stuff" but that does not always translate to success at major league. Also may have some nagging injury problems. Player number 4 is so bad they will not release his name. We also tossed in a million to help the poor Phils out. Wade has been and still is the best general manager Philadelphia has.