Friday, July 15, 2011

Heyman, on tradebait

Jon Heyman's new column on trade candidates looks at some Astro-bait.

On Pence:
They seem unlikely to trade him since he's becoming the "face of the franchise," in the eyes of many. He's a great hustler and example for any young players they might have (they don't have many).

On Bourn:
He's been discussed, but the Astros aren't exactly chance-takers. Would really help the Braves.

On Wandy:
One of the better starters who could be available (the Astros are unpredictable, so who knows if he really is).

There are also brief notes on Myers, Lee, and Keppinger, but to recap the above: that's three players mentioned, and three shots taken at the organization. Stay classy.