Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heyman insisting Pence won't be traded

Jon Heyman has some trade deadline notes:

Incoming owner Jim Crane has given word to cut the payroll to $60 million. But word is, Crane himself at one point has suggested keeping Pence. If that's true, it's hard to imagine embattled GM Ed Wade taking the chance to trade him.

The Astros are, however (according to Heyman), trying to trade Myers and Wandy, but as one rival GM noted, "No one will touch Wandy."


Eric said...

Who exactly does Jon Heyman have a relationship with in the Astros front office that makes him such an authority? Of all the writers to have info about the Astros, why is it a SI baseball guy from New York? Just seems weird.

Warren said...

All these guys think they have a good source and the inside info. Look closely at the words Heyman used. Word is? = rumor. At one point? When? a month ago? / today? Suggested? Not stated or laid down the law? Statements like Heymans and all similar others are worthless. My sources and your sources are more accurate.

Hal said...

To paraphrase Gorilla Monsoon, another New Yorker, Jon Heyman is a fountain of misinformation.