Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Elias Rankings update

Over at MLBTR, they have done some slick engineering to determine the Type A/Type B status of various players to determine compensation for signing arbitration-eligible. Click the link for the full list, but here's what we're looking at, Astros-wise (reminder: If the Astros offer Pence arbitration, and he declines, and the Braves sign him in the off-season, the Astros get the Braves' pick. If the same scenario happens with, say, Brett Myers, the Astros get a sandwich pick between the 1st and 2nd round).

Hunter Pence: Type A
Wilton Lopez: Type A
Michael Bourn: Type B
Brett Myers: Type B
Wandy Rodriguez: Type B


farmstros said...

This is interesting,but none of the players you listed are eligible for free agency after 2011. Hunter Pence doesn't have the option to decline arbitration. Barmes and Michaels are free agents. There may be a few more, but none of consequence. I don't see any extra picks coming in 2011.

Anonymous said...

You missed Jeff Keppinger who would be a type A

Anonymous said...

Yeah Keppinger and Myers are our most realistic chances of netting compensatory picks.

These guys could both potentially be free agents after next season, so maybe we can add some picks for the 2013 draft.

Anonymous said...

Of course unless Keppinger keeps hitting .320 and we acquire much more valuable prospects. Same goes for Myers, even though his play lately can speak for itself.

Astros County said...

Bad post. The author has been reprimanded.

Anonymous said...

Its okay buddy, we still love you.

farmstros said...

I'm sure Bobby Heck wishes he could get some more picks in 2012, provided HE survives the ownership change