Sunday, July 24, 2011

Astros, D'Backs getting friendly?

Jon Paul Morosi says that the Astros and Diamondbacks have talked about a trade for Wandy, but nothing is imminent.

Here is FanGraphs' Top 10 Diamondbacks prospects (as of Feb 2011). See anything you like?


Rhombus67 said...

Like the idea of trading w/ the D-Backs. They have guys like Matt Davidson & Pat Corbin that would make an equal trade. And I think a rotation of Kennedy, Hudson, Wandy & Parker would help Arizona now and in the future.

Rhombus67 said...

that comment made me sound like an Arizona fan... I'm not, definitely a die hard Astros fan. Just looking at it from an Arizona perspective and I could see them giving up those prospects for Wandy.