Thursday, July 28, 2011

Afternoon update

Perhaps you're as tired of this as we are. But there's still 3.5 days left!

Jayson Stark says:

*The Phillies have had high interest in Ryan Ludwick and Heath Bell.

*On Pence:
Skepticism has never been higher in the industry that the Astros are seriously interested in trading him before the offseason -- if ever.

*The Braves have interest in three bats, Stark says:
Hunter Pence, Willingham and Ludwick. The Braves looked into Upton, but don't seem prepared to pay a big price for him. We also haven't heard much that suggests the Braves are still bullpen shopping.

*Stark also says the Yankees are a possibility for Wandy Rodriguez.

*On a possible deadline-related note, the Astros announced a Michael Bourn/Jimmy Wynn program at the Urban Youth Academy from August 1-3.