Saturday, June 18, 2011

Steve Greenberg dismisses Crane allegations

Steve Greenberg, the guy who arranged the sale of the Astros to Jim Crane, is dismissive of the allegations against Eagle, and by extension, Jim Crane.

Steve Greenberg, McLane’s adviser on the sale, said he was not aware of anything that “would in any way be a concern to us with respect to approval, but we’ll leave Major League Baseball to do their work.” He added, “The last thing I need is to bring a guy to baseball who will be rejected or have serious problems.”


Anonymous said...

Steve Greenberg stands to make a multi-million dollar commission from the Astros sale. It's no surprise he thinks Crane is a great buyer. If I were him, I'd think Pol Pot was a great buyer.

Anonymous said...

I guess Mickey Mouse is the only owner good enough for the fans of Houston who only show up when their team is winning.

Anonymous said...

No one expects Mr. Wonderful to buy the Astros, but when a guy has as many clear issues as Jim Crane, it's crazy to just throw caution to the wind. If MLB could go back and reject Frank McCourt, it would. If MLB could go back and reject Jeff Loria, it would. Ditto for several other current and former owners -- and NONE of them had anywhere near the same amount of known character issues at the time they were up for approval. If the Rangers can get bought by a couple classy billionaires and Nolan Ryan, the Astros can do better than the cash-strapped Crane group.