Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eddie's Farm: June 17

Oklahoma City (29-40)

Good God. New Orleans got a 7-run 2nd and a 6-run 6th on their way to an 18-5 win over OKC. This might have spelled the end of Ryan Rowland-Smith's Astros spell, allowing 5.1IP, 13H/14R (9ER), 2K:4BB, HBP - getting 16 outs against 35 batters faced. Danny Meszaros allowed 5H/3ER, 0K:1BB in 1IP, while Pat Urckfitz gave up 2H/1ER in 1.2IP (16.88 ERA). Brian Esposito made his 2nd pitching appearance, again allowing no hits in 1IP.

Robinson Cancel (2B, SB, RBI), Tommy Manzella (3-run HR), and Collin DeLome (2B) had two hits each.

Man of the Match: Tommy Manzella

Corpus (24-42)

Corpus got out to a 4-1 lead after five innings, but gave it right back for a 5-4 loss to Frisco. Three errors didn't help as Xavier Cedeno threw 6IP, 5H/4R (0ER), 7K:1BB. Arcenio Leon struck out two in one perfect IP. New Hook Brad Hennessey took the loss, giving up the game-winning solo homer, and Henry Villar threw a perfect IP.

Jimmy Van Ostrand was 3x4 hit a double and a two-run homer, while Jose Altuve hit his 3rd homer with another single, and J.D. Martinez was 2x4. Jonathan Villar committed two errors and struck out three times.

Man of the Match: Jimmy Van Ostrand

Lancaster (27-40)

Early runs are nice, and Lancaster used five of them to go on to a 7-3 win over Inland Empire. Zach Grimmett got the win, allowing 10H/3R (2ER), 1K:0BB. Chris Hicks gave up a hit, and Kirk Clark allowed 0H/0ER.

Kody Hinze was 2x4 with two homers and 3RBI (18th and 19th homers), with a walk. Austin Wates was 2x5, and David Flores hit his first homer of the year.

Man of the Match: Kody Hinze

Lexington (33-35)

Lexington never trailed in a 4-2 win over Rome. Carlos Quevedo allowed 7H/1ER, 3K:0BB in 7IP; Jason Chowning gave up 3H/1ER, 0K:1BB in 1IP, and Gabe Garcia allowed 2H/0ER, 1K:0BB in 1IP. (Rome starter Caleb Brewer threw four wild pitches).

Jordan Scott was 2x4, Adam Bailey was 1x4 with 2RBI, while Mike Kvasnicka and Enrique Hernandez had a hit and a walk each.

Man of the Match: Carlos Quevedo

Tri-City (0-1)

Tri-City opened 2011 with a 9-3 loss at home to Vermont. Juri Perez got the start, and gave up 3H/5R (4ER), 4K:4BB in 4IP. Brad James made a rare appearance, giving up a hit in 1IP. Kristian Bueno gave up 1H/1R (0ER), 1K:2BB in 1.2IP; Joan Belliard gave up 2H/3R (0ER) in 1.1IP, and Garrett Bullock threw 1IP, with 0H/0ER, 1K:0BB. Perhaps you noticed the unearned runs. The ValleyCats committed five errors (three by pitchers), leading to five unearned runs.

Drew Muren (2B, RBI) and Matt Duffy had two hits each. John Hinson got a triple and a walk, and Bubby Williams had your other extra-base hit with a double (and three strikeouts).

Man of the Match: Drew Muren