Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Key quotes about Arnsberg

How quickly things change, eh? Zach Levine put it best:

...Crazy turnaround after he was seen with reverence at end of last year.

Ed Wade, on November 1, 2009:
Brad's got great credentials. We were really excited when we found out he was available. There were some unresolved issues, and they gave him a chance to go out and look around, and he very quickly moved up to the top of our list, and we were able to bring it to closure. He has a lot of experience with young pitchers and veterans.

Chris Sampson, in April 2010:
With Arnsberg and Mills this year, they understand you can't run guys out there every single day and for multiple innings every single day and they're a lot easier to talk to. They want you to be completely honest with them and let them know how you feel because they don't want to run you out there if you're not feeling right. It's not going to help players, not going to help the team if you're not 100 percent. They do a great job with all of us, using everybody in the bullpen and getting everybody in games and getting them innings and do a great job of mixing it up. It's just a heck of a lot better atmosphere, and it's a lot of fun to play for them."

Wandy Rodriguez, May 2010:
I felt comfortable thanks to the early runs, and I say thank you to my teammates and to my pitching coach (Brad Arnsberg), too, because he helped me a lot with my mechanics. I used (his suggestions) today and I felt comfortable.”

Bud Norris, the next day:
...My arm slot has been really low. I've been letting the ball ride and getting a lot of movement on my fastball and not being able to control it. I've been staying back on my back leg and getting my arm up, and it's made a difference.”

Brett Myers, last September, crediting Arnsberg for his extension:
I didn't want to leave Arnie as much as he has done for me. He has had my back, let me be who I am and teach me stuff at the same time. It would be tough to leave him. I don't ever think I'd have the success I'm having now without him."

Bud Norris, last September:
The guy's here every day 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning doing scouting reports on every team, and we have such an in-depth scouting report before the game."

Ed Wade, on September 25, 2010:
"We are extremely pleased with the jobs that all of our coaches have done this year. Brad Mills has set a great tone and the coaches have worked hand-in-hand with Millsie to make sure that the structure works, that the players are well-prepared and that we are taking advantage of every opportunity to get better. They all are true professionals."

Doug Brocail, on March 17, 2011:
"I was listening to Arny and Burt Hooton the other day and I swear to God I left there going, 'Am I stupid?' I left there feeling like an idiot. When those two guys talk pitching, it's like sitting down and listening to Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn talk hitting."