Friday, September 17, 2010

More love for Arnsberg

Brad Arnsberg has been getting a lot of love latelyThis time, it's from Zach Levine.

As the offense remains in the league's bottom half in most offensive categories since the All-Star break, this one starts with pitching. And pitching starts with pitching coach Brad Arnsberg. And Brad Arnsberg starts, well, early in the morning.

Bud Norris:
"The guy's here every day 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning doing scouting reports on every team, and we have such an in-depth scouting report before the game."

"I know that they know how much time I've put into my scouting and all the reports are out in the bullpen, and more of them are kind of checking, so that would be a small entity to why this group has caught on fire."

He prepares scouting reports for hitters coming from lefties and righties and is a little bit more liberal with the use of the change-up than most by-the-book pitching coaches, wanting it thrown as a weapon against some same-handed hitters.