Monday, June 13, 2011

Greg Lucas brings up a good point

Well I'll be damned. Greg Lucas adds some more rationale to the "LEAVE HOUSTON ALONE!" debate.

*You don't see both Chicago/New York teams in the same league:

*Why not move one of the teams living off the Luxury Tax, and penalize them by making them switch leagues:
If ANYONE has to move to the AL West or AL in general it rightly should be a more geographical match like Arizona or Colorado or a franchise who has been living off the dole of luxury tax money—like the Florida Marlins. How about the Milwaukee Brewers who jumped to the NL from the AL…or the team in Washington which was an American League city for decades?

More Lucas:
The Astros shouldn’t even be a consideration. Not only do they have a 50 year history In the NL and despite their current state on the field are not in an financial peril at all. They are heading toward two million in ticket sales this year even with the poor results on the field. This is no Tampa Bay here. This is a well developed baseball city that will be back cracking 3-million a year once the team deserves that support.