Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chris Wallace gets rewarded for winning SAL Home Run Derby

Lexington catcher Chris Wallace ain't messin' with no Lancaster, getting called up to Double-A Corpus Christi.

Wallace was hitting .285/.356/.550 despite hitting .194/.225/.500 over his last ten games, and .238/.306/.540 in June. This is actually better than his May, where he hit .219/.294/.344.

It makes perfect sense for Wallace to not play in Lancaster, but it negatively impacts one of three catchers: Federico Hernandez, Brian Esposito, or Emerson Frostad. Frostad had played in 12 games, Esposito in 14, and Hernandez got the majority of the starts, with 48. Except Hernandez is hitting .142/.202/.226, Esposito is hitting .150/.164/.167, and Frostad actually has an OPS above .SUCK with a .292/.327/.375 line.