Friday, May 20, 2011

Raul Pedraza: Crane's not ray-cess

Mark Berman talked to Raul Pedraza, an investor in the Whooping Crane Ownership Group (name ours), and is also a consultant for Eagle Global Logistics. According to Pedraza, Crane is as clean as a preacher's sheets:

"There's not a prejudiced bone in Jim Crane's body. I'm living proof of that, being as how I'm a Cuban-American, married to an African-American. Jim has been nothing but a wonderful friend and colleague from the get-go. He acquired my company, I was just like a manager at that time, and then I grew within the company over the years to be the president of the Latin-American division...

...Pedraza said there is no way he would have invested in Crane's deal to buy the Astros if he had any concerns about the man. "Never in a million years," Pedraza said. "I would be totally against that kind of situation, for obvious reasons.