Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet the lawyer who helped sell the Astros

American Lawyer, a favorite periodical of mine, invites you to meet John Keffer, corporate partner in Houston law firm King & Spalding. He has Drayton in his phone as "Client."

He has some insight into the EEOC saga, from the lawyers' standpoint. Namely, it wasn't really a subject of discussion:
"If that is an issue, it will undoubtedly be reviewed [by MLB], but it's not something that came up a lot in our discussions--at least, not among the lawyers...We all expect that the transaction will be completed in fairly short order and Mr. Crane will have soon the opportunity to run the team."

How drawn out were the discussions?
"The negotiations were quite smooth. It only required one face-to-face negotiation during the entire process, which we held in New York."