Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's natural to assume that, if Kenny Friedman bought the Astros, his GM son also be interested.

Apparently not.

Rays GM Andrew Friedman:
"This has no bearing on me professionally, and I'm very happy in my job. And it would not be proper for me to comment on the business of another team."

Writer Marc Topkin:
There had already been speculation that Crane might try to hire Friedman, who like other top execs under Stuart Sternberg doesn't have a contract.

This speculation indicates - for the first time - that Ed Wade might not survive the change in ownership. (Update: Phil Rogers apparently said a while back that Crane would be interested in Friedman. Hey, if you're not going to hire Hunsicker, hire Hunsicker Jr.)

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Anonymous said...

Andrew Friedman might be happy in Tampa and all that, but he's obviously just being diplomatic in his comments (or he knows his father has no chance of actually landing the Astros). If Kenny Friedman buys the Astros, you can take it to the bank that his son Andrew will be the next GM (or president) of the team.