Thursday, May 19, 2011

Astros' #2 hitters have been worth #2

Perhaps you've noticed the revolving door of hitters from the #2 spot over the course of the last handful of games, as Brad Mills tries to find someone, anyone, who can hit.

Because it just hasn't been happening.

Over the course of the season, #2 hitters are posting a .246/.316/.311 line. The .627 OPS is 57 points lower than the #9 spot, but not as bad as the #6 spot, with a .206/.275/.300 line, and we'll do the math for you: .275 OBP + .300 SLG = Caca.

Since May 7, the Astros have trotted out Angel Sanchez, J.R. Towles, and Clint Barmes. In those ten games, here's what you've had:

Angel Sanchez: 0x10, 2BB
J.R. Towles: 0x12, 2K:2BB
Clint Barmes: 1x14, 2K:3BB, HBP

Yes, that's 1x36 with 4K:7BB and an HBP. So just to make this more quantifiable, that's a line of .027/.182/.027.

Barmes gets the start at St. Louis today, so let's see what happens.