Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scott Wuerz clearly wrote this before the game

The Belleville News-Democrat's Scott Wuerz obviously wrote his column before the game, and certainly before 25,000 people applauded Lance:

I'm really shocked at the hate coming out of Houston directed toward former Astro and current Cardinal Lance Berkman...The Astros-Cardinals rivalry has always had more class than the clashes with the Reds, Brewers and Cubs because both teams were filled with classy players who competed with a healthy dose of professional respect.

Let's not dumb things down by taking personal shots at one of baseball's nice guys because he now wears a different uniform.

Wuerz goes on to reference Jim Edmonds' signing with the Cubs, and how "more than half" of Busch Stadiukm welcomed him back. That's about 40% less than Minute Maid Park.