Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Milo Backlash begins...

John Royal has a post at the Houston Press eviscerating Milo Hamilton for his comments (and various and sundry other episodes):

Milo's game prep appears to be jotting down where he had lunch so he can talk about that during the entire game. He never knows what's going on during a game, and during Alan Ashby's tenure as color commentator, it was well known that Ashby was cluing Milo into what was happening on the field.

Before Milo criticizes Berkman's commitment to the game while with the Astros, perhaps someone should question Milo's commitment to the game.

I understand. I really do. While I don't agree with Milo's comments about Lance, there's something about listening to an Astros game and hearing Milo talk. And, full disclosure: The Wife and I were once able to have dinner with Milo, and it was pretty incredible, because I had listened to him for years. I don't know if it's because we don't live in Houston anymore, but Milo reminds me of my youth, which is quickly escaping me. If that means I have to listen to Milo talk about ointment, or some restaurant he went to for lunch, so be it. I can find out the score/count/situation in any number of other ways.

While Brett Dolan and Dave Raymond do an excellent job with the scoreboard, and filling in for times when Milo is presumably in the bathroom, or getting a foot rub, it's as simple as the fact that I like listening to Milo. Technology has actually advanced in such a way that I don't need Milo to be my eyes and ears. Dolan and Raymond know their role enough to fill in Milo's blanks.

So, yes, Milo is old. Yes, Milo rambles. But it's comforting. To me, anyway.