Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ringolsby: If Drayton goes, so goes Tal

Tracy Ringolsby has a column up on Fox Sports where, for the first four sentences, he writes like Ernest Hemingway (8.25 words/sentence). But scroll down far enough, and he addresses the impending sale of the Astros.

On October 1, 2009 Ringolsby mentioned in a Fox Sports column that the Astros were for sale.

He addresses that:
Houston owner Drayton McLane has a buyer, Jim Crane, which is interesting given the strong protests that came out of the Astros' front office when it was mentioned here last season that the Astros were for sale.

That's true. AC even apologized for the mockery.

But here's an interesting note:
Talk in Houston is that former NBA Houston Rockets president George Postolos will assume a similar role with the Astros, replacing longtime baseball exec Tal Smith.

Now THAT'S something.


Blazemule said...

My only hope with this sale is that Crane will invest more heavily on the draft and not be scared to spend money on draft picks and latin players.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to make of this note from Ringolsby. We all know Jim Crane wants to buy the Astros, but I couldn't tell if Ringsolby was trying to break news by confirming a deal is in place or if he was simply recycling the three-week-old news about Crane in order to mention the George Postolos possibility.

Either way, the news seems to be getting worse and worse for Astros fans. The combination of a heavily-leveraged new owner (Jim Crane) and a team president who has no baseball background (George Postolos) is a recipe for disaster. If this is the best Drayton can do in terms of finding a new owner, I wish he'd hold onto the team for a year or two longer.

Astros County said...

The reason we linked to it was because Ringolsby was really the first one to come out and mention the potential sale of the Astros. He's got someone talking to him if he's already speculating on Tal's departure.