Monday, April 25, 2011

Milo, on Lance

Captip to Zach Levine for the link, but Milo went off on Lance Berkman on SportsTalk 790:

"I want to know, if a guy gave you $85 million, and that's what Drayton did in the last contract...and he said, 'This is your team,' and he said that...wasn't in his persona, to be a leader. Yet last night, Tony LaRussa - when asked about Berkman - 'He's now the leader on this team, he is the inspiration to the older players, he goes around an inspires the younger players," and he got in excellent shape by hiring a trainer. If he had done that the last couple of years that he was here, guys, he could have finished out a really fine career in Houston if he had given it that same dedication. I just want a simple answer - why did you think it wasn't necessary to get in shape your last couple of years as an Astro, but now for team you didn't even know, a manager you never played for, you felt it was your responsibility to get in great shape?

...Lance, I love ya. You've got a great family, you're one of the greatest ministers in all of sports...but wouldn't it have been great to have given it that same dedication to the Astros and the owner here that you did in two short months for the Cardinals?"

That's just a snip, but it's well worth a listen, and an answer.