Wednesday, April 13, 2011

McLane to sell by July?

Totally missed this from this morning, but Lance Zierlein notes that John Granato has reported (following along?) that Drayton could have the sale of the team wrapped up by the All-Star Break.

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Anonymous said...

I could see McLane agreeing to a sale by the All-Star break, but I can't see the deal being approved by MLB by then.

Taking McLane at his word last week or the week before, the approval processes haven't even started yet. Then there's all of the issues surrounding Jim Crane: he's not popular with the Commissioner's Office, his bid for the Astros is rumored to be heavily leveraged (i.e., too much debt), and Crane's personal and business lives could toss up additional red flags. (That Houston Press article, "Transferring Assets," is ugly, ugly, ugly.)