Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jon Gaston, on the Corpus Effect

George Vondracek has a story on how Whataburger Field is a brutal wake-up call for hitters who are used to the thin air of Coors Lite (what we call Lancaster's stadium).

Jon Gaston:
I kind of saw the wind and I tried to change my swing. It was pretty much brutal. And then after I got talked to by Wes (Clements), our manager, and some other coaches, I just went back to being my old self, see how far I could hit it. If it doesn't got out, oh well. If it does, awesome. It worked out pretty good.

"This year, going back there, I've just got to be mentally strong the whole season, be more convinced with my approach."

Koby Clemens:
"I guess the best way to put it is half the field is a good hitter's park and the other half is not...In Corpus, I kind of got caught up in that wind situation and started pulling a lot. Most of my home runs were pulled. I think that had a big factor why the average dropped down so much because I kind of shut down a lot of the field. Yeah, the wind sucks but if you've got a good swing you're going to hit it through the wind."