Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet article on J.D. Martinez

Zach Levine brings the noise on J.D. Martinez and his growth into a serious contender for a Major-League spot in 2013.

Part of that reason is his Book:

“You might ask somebody, ‘Hey, what’s he throwing?’ and it might look very easy to (that person) and the opposite for me. Everyone’s different, so I keep a book on how I saw him last time and what a good game plan would be the next time I face him.”

And this nugget, where we learn that Ed Wade is either a jerk, or the Greatest Motivator of All Time:
“When Ed called me, he pretty much said I didn’t have much of a chance to make it. But as a player, you’re always trying to make a name for yourself and prove people wrong. “That’s all I’m trying to do —have good at-bats and open people’s eyes.”