Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Forbes team-by-team evaluations come out today

So Forbes will release its annual MLB team financial evaluations today. Meaning that today is the day that you could stick a piece of coal up Drayton's rear-end, and by 4pm, that thing will be a diamond.

Here's the value of the Astros since 2003 (h/t Biz of Baseball):

2002 Value: $337m (11th)
2003 Value: $327m (11th)
2004 Value: $320m (9th)
2005 Value: $357m (11th)
2006 Value: $416m (10th)
2007 Value: $442m (11th)
2008 Value: $463m (12th)
2009 Value: $445m (12th)
2010 Value: $453m (11th)