Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ed Wade: Friends are fleeting, but Major League glory IS FOREVER

McTaggart has an article on the Law Offices of Shuck, Steele, and Gaston, and the friendship they've developed from playing next to each other since the dawn of time.

Not so fast, sez Ed Wade:
"We tend not to look at them as a trio. We tend to look at them as individuals, because we're not looking for all them to graduate at the same time to the big league level. We're looking for the best player who can help us at any particular time and can get here and excel.

"It's great for them to have the camaraderie they've got and established those relationships, but at the end of the day, we're putting the best 25 players on the field, and if at some point in time, one of them is here, or all of them are here, the No. 1 criterion is how they help the Major League club."

'Stros before Bros.

Gaston realizes that, with the Astros outfield as it is, he may be auditioning for someone else, too:
"It's not just playing for the Astros, because you're playing for the other 29 teams, too. Whether you make it with the Astros or not, ultimately your goal is to make it to the Major Leagues. You've just got to get your opportunity and take advantage of it."