Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deputy Street: Defender of the Astros

Over at Spikes N' Stars, they were kind enough to link to the Pearlman post, in which he accuses Bagwell, Biggio, Tal Smith, Pam Gardner, Junction Jack, and Alyson Footer of all having injected each other with performance-enhancing drugs outside of the Bennigan's on Kirby and 610.

Deputy Street, unlike The Constable (or any of us), actually tried to talk to Pearlman. From the linked thread:

In Pearlman's defense re: my 'Twitter Offensive,' he did give me his email address for me to pose questions to him, and responded promptly when I wrote to him. However, he conditioned a defense of his comments on my agreement not to repeat the information that he provided me with. When I explained that I would not be willing to do so and why, he politely withdrew his offer to back up his statements.

The Twitter Offensive was epic (really, read through his feed). But there are a couple of things to note about this:

1. Why would Pearlman ever agree to share that sort of information based on the promise of a guy he doesn't know?

2. This means that Deputy Street is one of the most stand-up guys you'll ever meet. I would have agreed, and then blasted that crap all over Astros County faster than you can count Jason Smith's hits in 2009. (It's zero, if you were wondering).

3. If Pearlman has backup - or some sort of defense - why has he not come forward with it? As one SnS commenter noted, does it get into slander and libel? And why is it not slander or libel now (something actually kind of answered in the thread).

4. So two things to take away from this: Pearlman seems to have something - even if it's simply hearsay - on Bagwell and Biggio, but doesn't trust it enough to come out with it. And Deputy Street is one of the most honest guys you'll meet.