Thursday, November 25, 2010


While Astros County has been placed on a strict "no phone" policy for the holiday, we give a big captip to Appy Astros for the link to the latest transactions from Baseball America.

Re-signed P Edwin Walker

RHP Rafael Feliz
RHP John Frawley
RHP Justin Harper
RHP Ashton Mowdy
RHP Daniel Sarisky
RHP Mike Schurz
LHP David Duncan
1B Aaron Bray
1B Mark Ori
1B Nick Stanley
3B Ricardo Garcia
OF Frank Almonte
OF Ricardo Heredia

Obviously the one that hits hardest for us is the releasing of Our Boy Aaron Bray.


OremLK said...

I'm also a little surprised to see David Duncan released as he was a fairly early pick (5th round) with a lot of potential, and his strikeout to walk numbers have always been solid even though his ERA has been bad. I thought there was still a chance he might put it together enough to make it to the majors in some limited capacity, perhaps as a LOOGY.

Astros County said...

Agreed. 100%.