Tuesday, November 23, 2010

File under: Previous Information

MLB.com has a non-McTaggart story up on the long, slow rebuild:

And here's the thing: Astros fans would be wise not to get too far ahead of themselves. There's a reason clubs are hesitant to rebuild. It's a long, slow, painful process. You don't just decide one year to go young, and win 95 games the next year.

Even considering the late surge in 2010, things could be difficult for the Astros in '11. A lot must go right for them to have enough offense to contend. Happ is a useful pitcher, but he's no Oswalt. This is not a team that will be favored to hang with the Reds and Cardinals in the division next season.

But that doesn't mean it's the wrong course.

Wait. What? We won't win 140 games next year? Pshaw. Go back to covering the Cardinals.