Sunday, October 24, 2010

Justice talks to Run-DMc; Hilarity Ensues

We all knew it was going to happen. Richard Justice was going to talk to Drayton and see what he thought about the Rangers going to the World Series, with their young players, nobody making $100m, and what looks to be a well-run franchise. Would the Astros respond accordingly (especially with basically every Rangers game soon to be broadcast in the Houston area)?

“You saw it the last two months of this season. We traded Roy and Lance and were really encouraged by how we played. It’s going to take next year to see what the real potential is of those young guys, but we’re excited. We’ve invested heavily in our minor league system and we’re excited about where we’ll be the next three or four years.”

It's an interesting column, and worth a read, but I feel like you already know what Drayton (and Justice) are going to say.