Saturday, October 23, 2010

I guess we need a new hitting coach

...Since Jeff Bagwell won't be returning as hitting coach in 2011.

Ed Wade:
"We talked about the responsibilities of the job and the time and energy it takes, and it was more than he had anticipated when he took the job,. We talked about staying in the organization in a capacity similar to the one he had before he took the job as hitting coach...

..."We're disappointed. We'd love to have him back, but we understand his position."

Bagwell, in a prepared statement released by the Astros:
"This was a very difficult decision for me...At this point in time, I'm unable to commit to a full season of putting in the time that is necessary to be effective in that role. But, I do look forward to continuing to work with the Astros."

This is incredibly disappointing, and with Wade and Mills meeting to immediately put together a list of candidates, at least we'll now have something to talk about until the Hall of Fame vote is released in January.