Monday, October 25, 2010

Greinke to Houston "makes sense" says Yahoo

Yahoo's Tim Brown breaks down the market for Kansas City pitcher Zack Greinke, and thinks the Astros are among a handful of teams that make sense.

The timing isn’t great for Moore: Greinke’s ERA in 2010 was 4.17 ERA, nearly double the season before. Yet, there’s no doubting Greinke’s stuff. He’s also smart and durable and seems to be wearying of the go-nowhere Royals. The low-key Greinke, because of the no-trade clause, has some say here. The Yankees and Red Sox are long shots, but not impossible. If Greinke wants to keep his market manageable, the Minnesota Twins, Tigers, Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves make sense.


tpack said...

Weird. Can't see how that makes sense at all.

Not sure what prospects we have to get this done other than Lyles, and I can't see any reason to do that even.

Our system is short on hitting moreso than pitching, so I guess I just don't understand our inclusion

Astros County said...

Agree, 100%.

OremLK said...

Yeah, doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. I also wouldn't give up even Lyles for him unless he'd sign a reasonable extension... doubt we'll seriously contend before he Greinke would depart for free agency.