Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comment of the Year

Here we pause for a second to post what is hands down the Comment of the Year, on the David Carpenter-to-the-AFL post. So naturally, we'll repost it, and add some commentary where necessary.

This comment has nothing to do with this article.

This is the first time I've stumbled upon this blog.


I just want whoever that runs this blog to know how much you suck.

If I actually cared, I would feel sorry for you. I don't get what you get out of this.

Given the 243-word unprompted comment, I'll disagree with you on the not caring part. But you do bring up a good point. What do we, collectively (the writers of Astros County), get out of this? Well, it's three-fold:

1. We would likely be reading articles about the Astros, anyway. So it's a nice little resource for Astros fans, much like us, who would like to follow along with news and random, occasional views.

2. It's a writing exercise. The County Clerk has eighteen unfinished novels about the Rape of Nanking sitting on his kitchen table. So it's good practice for him to actually be able to post something - anything - with a conclusion.

3. To engage Astros fans in conversation. Which, thanks to you, dear Citizen, we're doing!

Do you spend all day in mom's basement on the Internet researching local and national Astros articles?

No. All of us live above ground. Even in our own residences, which two of us own, and the other rents. I wouldn't call it so much "researching" as "having a pretty damn good Google Reader."

Then, you post them on a blog and make your personal opinion on the article known.

Actually, yep. That's the long and short of it.

What a creative name too, "Astros County"


Wow, was that the first thing that popped into your head?

No. Other failed blog titles were "Jeff Bagwell's Goatee," "The Ghost of Larry Andersen," "Hanging With Cecil Cooper," "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," "O, Pioneers," "Astros Blog: By Guys Who Are Unemployed Wannabe Real Sportswriters With A Big Dream In Life To Do Exactly That."

I'm guessing you're unemployed and a wannabe who's big dream in life is to be a real sportswriter.

Hey! How'd you know?! Actually, we're all quite happily employed in other capacities. The County Clerk is in politics, the Juvenile Court Clerk is a realtor, The Constable works for a non-profit organization. I run a camp for underprivileged kids. None of us have ever harbored a dream of spending 81 games on the road.

Since you're not and never will be, your jealous, wannabe nature goes after all the known Astros writers and either kisses up to them or tears them down.

That must be all that suppressed anger.

By nature, the only real options are to either kiss up to the writers, or tear them down. That varies by whatever they write. If it's a good article, sure, we'll give them a captip. If it's not, we'll respond accordingly. There isn't much room for anything in between.

Nobody even knows your name.

That means a lot, Anonymous. But it also brings up a good point. We don't post our names, because we all do aspire to climb up our corporate (or non-profit) ladders. Hopefully, when you do a Google search for our names, what comes up is work-related. Or in the case of the County Clerk, a misunderstanding regarding a hostage situation, Stockholm Syndrome, and a Chinese throwing star. And honestly, we didn't think it was that important.

I can only imagine how a conversation with a girl must go for you.

This ought to be good.

'what do u do for a living?'

So we're texting this conversation. Apparently.

'I sit around on my ass all day long surfing the Internet looking for Astros articles to put in my blog.'

It isn't all that much work, really. Especially when we can slide down the fireman's pole to the Blogging Room where we have emergency Editorial Conclaves.

'Oh, do you get paid for that.'


That's true. We don't get paid. It's called a hobby.

I think it's pathetic. Get a life, get a real job. It's one thing to be a fan, but this goes overboard.

You are the definition of 'loser.'

Is this still the conversation with the girl? Because while that was a word-for-word recreation up to the point where I asked my wife to marry me (you didn't happen to be in Seattle on New Year's Eve 2002, did you? Uncanny.), it's not all that overboard. Hanging off the edge of the starboard side, perhaps. But as long as we can maintain our families, wives, jobs, etc., we'll just keep doing what we do, and thank you for stopping by. I do apologize if your chosen web browser keeps automatically directing you to Hanging With Cecil Cooper Astros County.


tpack said...

Please ignore this poster. Your blog is great! I think a lot of people would be disappointed if you stopped doing what you do so well.

Andrew said...

And that right there is why I read this blog. Thanks for the laugh and the countless others you have provided!

Anonymous said...

bahaha... wow... i love your site for all the great stories and breakdowns and features... if i read this and don't contribute does that make me a mega loser?

farmstros said...

Well, I must say for today only, as a captip to this post, I prefer your blog to Farmstros... Count me among the losers.

Patrick said...

that post is unfortunate. I appreciate the work that is done on this site. this is the first site i go to every time i need Astros news

Anonymous said...

I am a lifelong Astros fan -- since Day 1. I watch every game and never miss a day of Astros County. It's the first thing I look at when i log on in the morning. Forget the idiot who put it down. It's great stuff, informative and entertaining and great stuff from the minor leagues, etc. Great inside stuff regarding trends and stats, etc. Keep up the good work.

Joe said...

Haters are going to hate.

Josh Powling said...

It is such an archetypical comment I almost suspect someone is yanking your chain. Almost.

Not that you really need my reassurance but you're going to get it anyway: The breadth and depth of the coverage here makes it must-visit place on the internet for any Astros' fan.

The Constable. said...

Shucks...y'all's is the best.

@Josh - I sort of thought it may have been Richard Justice.

Actually, I was impressed by the correct grammar and punctuation - that's a rarity in angry comments. We had to take it to the next level to find something to respond to.

Seriously, thanks for the kind comments. God bless us, everyone.

Ryan Sides said...

That's too funny...

Anonymous said...

Hangin' with Cecil Cooper! Classic!! LOL This blog is great! Started following bc the valleycats are my local team and u give great coverage. Its your responses and commentary to things like this that keep me checking in. Thanks for the hard work and witty retorts! LOL

Deputy Jason said...

Can we get a poll up guessing the hidden identity of the angry writer? Could have been any of the Comicle's writers or local news casters. Or could just be Buzz Bissinger.

John Royal said...

Wow. I thought I got hate mail. Not that you need my approval, but though I don't agree with you all of the time, you guys do a great job and I try to read as often as I can.

street said...

Very interesting discussion. Personally I'd (reasonably) presumed that all AC writers posts were written during their 1-hour per day prison internet privileges time, so imagine my surprise to find that AC writers apparently are not in prison and in fact have real lives (and wives). Seriously, who'd'a thunk it?!?

Jeff Blogwell said...

This is amazing