Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Citizen Ryan Goes to Fan Appeciation Day

Hey, so Citizen Ryan went to Fan Appreciation Day at Minute Maid Park, and sent along some photos.

Citizen Ryan:

As you would expect, Pence ate the thing up. He really is the kid living the dream. The Manzella/Kepp story is just too funny though, mainly because I did NOT see it coming:

My cousin (to me as players are coming by): I bet these guys get real tired of hearing "You had a good year!" when they really didn't.
Me (in response): OK. So we'll only tell a few players that, since only a few really had good years. Like Kepp and Myers.
So as Kepp comes by... (followed by Manzella right behind him)
Me (to Kepp): You had a good year. Really. I'm only saying this to a couple of players and you're one of them.
Manzella: You can't believe that guy. He told me that a few minutes ago.

Now that's comedy. On to some photos.

Remember, if you have pictures of Astros players, send them along. If you print off a Proof of Citizenship, take a picture holding it and send it in, we'll post it.