Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pettitte got his HGH from a Pasadena gym

Puff-dena represent! Kelly Blair, the owner of a Pasadena gym who was suing writers from the New York Daily News, has dropped his defamation lawsuit after he was presented with an affidavit detailing his sale of HGH to Andy Pettitte's dad:

Blair, who is related by marriage to the Pettitte family, was confronted with the document last Thursday during a sworn deposition related to his complaint in Texas state court. The book included an episode in which Tom Pettitte bought HGH from Blair and shared it with his son, then a member of the Houston Astros.

The website Steroid Nation wonders aloud whether or not the Pasadena gym should be investigated. Seen on Blair's website, according to the linked post, was former Astros Richard Hidalgo, among other Major Leaguers. Linked to this post is this February 2008 New York Daily News article, in which the writers say that Koby Clemens was seen working out with Blair, althought this qualification is very important:

Clemens' spokesman Joe Householder declined to comment, but it has not been suggested Koby Clemens, now a minor league ballplayer, was linked to any illicit activity at the gym.

Why post this? Well, because of it's Houston-centered nature, and the link to former Astros. That's why.